It’s funny how everyone is glued to their phones these days because of social media. Yet many don’t know how much money one can possibly make from these platforms

For instance, brand promotion on Instagram can fetch you as little $5 to $10 for every 1000 follower or as high as $100 for every 100 followers. Yet, this is only a fraction of what Instagram offers.

If you knew how much money your presence on Instagram alone could fetch you, I’m certain you would join this train of ‘Instagrammers’ and start making money immediately.

I’m going to show you a few cool tips about making from Instagram. These tips have worked for me and they will work for you if you use them wisely.



The first step is to get many followers. If you’re going to start making money, you need to have thousands of followers at least. The more followers you have, the easier it is for you to get sponsors. One way is to go to

To get a large following, start by posting everyday. Post several times a day but time your post.

Use relevant and popular hashtags. Hashtags are simply marketing tools that help people with the same interests find you easily. You can use more than one hashtags per post.

Make sure to post beautiful and incredible pictures and videos. You should also develop a signature style for your pictures, something to make you stand out.



If you know how to take quality and beautiful pictures, you can advertise and sell them to individuals or agencies.

There are a couple of sites that can help you sell your Instagram photos like Community Foap and Twenty20.



To promote your business, service or product, post beautiful pictures and videos that can only be on your Instagram page.

You can post behind the scenes video and photos. It makes your followers feel like they are part of your work process.

For instance, you can post pictures or videos of how bake a cake and not only the finished product. 

You can develop your own unique hashtag and ask your customers to post pictures of them using your product with that hashtag. Then you can repost these pictures on your Instagram account.

For instance, customers of Coca-Cola can post their pictures drinking coke with hashtag#cokerefreshing.

The more pictures your followers take, the more popular your brand becomes. People love things like these because it’s free popularity for them.

You can also post beautiful ads and exclusive offers on your Instagram account. Your followers will definitely love that.



You can become an influencer on Instagram if you have thousands of followers. Then you can use your account to promote different brands by creating original contents for these brands.

For instance, you can make a short interesting video that highlights a specific brand. Combine that with their unique caption and hashtags.

Make sure that the brands you are promoting are brands that you can support. The trick is the let people see how the brand fits into your life.

For instance, you can make a short video of you jogging with Adidas or Nike. This works especially if your Instagram image shows that you love sports.

To get sponsors and become a brand ambassador, create a profile that shows the exact image you want to portray, with the right caption and hashtag. Interested sponsors and brands will find you.

Brands not only need your account influence and reach but they also need to be sure that you have the trust of your audience. This is the only way your account will work for them.

There are certain tools that can help you create the right profile and find matching brands like Ifluenz and TapInfluence.



This is one of the fastest ways to make money on Instagram. You get paid for each sale you make from promoting a product. The more sales you make, the more money you get.

You can post beautiful contents that highlight the product you are marketing. Then you can add your ‘affiliate link’ to direct traffic to the landing site. This will help you drive your sales.



It is important to maintain a strong presence on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and others.

Link your Instagram account with these other accounts. It gives you a wider reach and audience.

For instance, you can put your affiliate link on your Instagram and have it mirrored on your other platforms. You can also do the same with your brand promotion contents.



As an Instagram Influencer, brand promotion usually involves creating contents.
The brands must be able to use the contents on all their platforms, which means you must give them permission to use both the contents and your audience.

This is where negotiation comes in. You must be able to negotiate a favourable deal for yourself.

For instance, you can make deals for a single post or series of posts or a full campaign in exchange for a fee, a service, a gift, a product or a combination of all these.

Research shows that almost 45% of top Instagram influencers charge $200 to $400 per post. So know what your negotiating power is and use it wisely.



If you are ready to make money from your Instagram presence, then follow this list of tips but make sure you stand out by putting your personal touch. You are on your way to becoming an Instagram earner.